Liberalization Is Not Inevitable

100 000 Christians in St. Petersburg, Russia, protest the anti-Christian film Matilda.

As Christians we confess that God is in control of what happens in the world. We confess that his plan for the universe will inevitably come to pass. And we know from Scripture what his plan is. Nonetheless, in the day-to-day reality we live in, I often hear about experiences of the exact opposite. “Things are getting worse” is something you hear even ardent postmillennialists say nowadays. While we should take heed against false optimism, it is easy for Christians to slip into the Fukuyamian eschatological paradigm of liberal democracy as the end of history. Fukuyama’s theory is that the liberal democracy that has established itself in the Western world since the end of WWII is the ultimate telos of history. Nothing can and will supersede it. The history of the world thereby culminates in a multicultural, secular, abortifacient, gay global village.

While no Christian should adhere to a Fukuyamian paradigm, many well-meaning Christians do so either implicitly or explicitly (e.g. dispensationalists). The net effect is withdrawal from the culture war and/or seclusion, which has its time and place, but is certainly not the lifestyle to …

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