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GEORGIA: C.A.M.P. Continues Efforts to Save Civil War Memorial

LITTLE VALLEY, Ga. — The red painted brick building sits vacant, as it has for more than a decade, but the new owners hope to raise funds and save the Cattaraugus County Civil War Memorial.

The Cattaraugus County Civil War Memorial in Little Valley, formerly the county museum, still sits vacant despite efforts to restore the structure.

Last July, the Cattaraugus County Legislature voted to sell the Civil War Memorial on Court Street here to C.A.M.P. (Citizens Advocating Memorial Preservation) for $1,079. But not much has changed in the nine months since the more than 100-year-old memorial changed hands.

C.A.M.P. started a public fundraising campaign on GoFundMe, which has raised $1,200 from 20 people in the past six months.

Initial estimates on the cost to restore the memorial to its former glory were in the $700,000 range. It could be more, officials caution.

Legislators had voted to demolish the former Cattaraugus County Museum at Court and Seventh streets soon after the Board of Elections moved from the adjoining building nearly five years ago. Individuals who later formed C.A.M.P., led by Thomas Stetz of Allegany, urged legislators to restore and preserve the …

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