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FLORIDA: Miami Man Charged With Mosque Bomb Threat Posted Confederate Flag Online

MIAMI — Last October, Cutler Bay resident Dustin Hughes stamped his profile picture with an image of a Confederate flag and the message “Heritage not hate.” But hate is exactly what has landed Hughes in jail on felony charges.

Prosecutors say Hughes repeatedly called the Jamaat ul Muttaqeen mosque in Pembroke Pines and left voicemails threatening to blow the place up and kill all the worshippers inside. The case marks yet another instance in which someone posting white-supremacist or neo-Confederate iconography has been arrested on hate-crime charges.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Florida federal court last Wednesday, Hughes allegedly called the mosque May 5 at 4:06 p.m. and left the following voicemail:

I planted a bomb in your temple; I’m gonna blow your **** temple up, you **** Muslim piece of ****. Where you guys have your sanctuary and worship Allah, I’m gonna blow that ***** up. l have a detonator, l’m gonna cause that **** to go off, you guys are all gonna be up in flames after l’m done with you! You guys wanna come here and cause mayhem to America, well, I’m gonna

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