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GEORGIA: GPS, Tall Trucks Biggest Danger to Civil War Bridge

An historic bridge in Cobb County has become somewhat of a headache for truck drivers.

Trucks and cars with trailers attached seem to keep running into the warning beam in front of the Concord Covered Bridge. The latest was a U-Haul truck.All Posts

“And we have another winner, as the driver of a U-Haul tried to fit a 9-foot tall truck under the 7-foot warning sign for…

Posted by Cobb County Government

The bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places. It crosses the Nickajack Creek. Its one lane is 16 feet wide, and it is about 131 feet long. But those measurements don’t seem to be a problem.

It’s the bridge’s entrance that’s causing the most trouble. The opening is only 7 feet high.

Last year, the bridge was shut down for four months, and the county spent $800,000 to repair the main structure of the bridge. County officials say some 7,000 people commute across the bridge each day.

Since December, five vehicles have rammed into the top of the warning beam just before the entrance.

Ross Cavitt, the county’s spokesperson, said county

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