No, It’s Not Because He’s A White Guy – 3 Simple Reasons Why Star Wars Fans Took A Pass On “Solo”

Like it or not and believe it or not, the Star Wars saga has become one of the most timely, relevant, and informative fronts in the culture war.

Just to be clear, by “Star Wars saga” I don’t mean the films that are a part of the franchise. The saga to which I refer is the ongoing rape and pillaging of all things Star Wars by Disney and the radical/radically incompetent Feminist ideologues chosen by the Mickey Mouse Club to escort Star Wars and its fans into the dark, pathetic land of SJW politics, bondage and pomosexuality.

The latest twist in this sad, painfully revealing drama comes by way of the box office bomb that is Solo, A Star Wars Story (alternatively known as Soylo, A Soy Wars Story by many fans who dare to notice, mourn, and mock the castration, emasculation, and comically over-the-top feminization of the franchise since The Mickey Mouse Club bought the rights to rape and pillage it at will).

Even after pre-release ticket sale projections were significantly lowered and then significantly lowered again in the weeks before the film opened, Soylo still managed to substantially disappoint and underperform, so much so that battalions of …

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