Only White Christians Oppose Sodomite “Marriage”

A recent poll found that the only ethnoconfessional demographic still solidly opposed to the institutionalization of sodomite relationships are white evangelical Protestants. Today, only two years after the legalization of this abomination, only 34% of Muslims and 43% of black Protestants oppose it.

58% of white Evangelicals and 53% of Mormons (who are overwhelmingly white) oppose. However, in total 63% of Americans now support sodomite unions, compared to 52% just prior to its legalization.

Two things are evident from these statistics:

1. Institutionalized religion matters. The de facto state religion in the United States is cultural Marxism, and public institutions’ active promotion of its doctrines is a success – also in the hearts and minds of the people of the land. How often have we heard evangelicucks like Russell Moore say that state (or institutionalized) Christianity makes people “pretend Christians” and that religious pluralism is more in line with the gospel? This poll clearly proves this proposition false.

2. The white man remains the covenantal vessel by which true religion is maintained and spread by the grace of God. The prophecy of Genesis 9:27 concerning the descendants of Japheth, confirmed throughout the history of the church, is once again …

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