Our Interview With Apostle Claver of “Raging Elephants”

A battle is only as good as the soldiers that fight it; any general could tell you that. When it comes to the struggle to preserve Texas’ values and quality of life from the federal monster, this is equally true. One important voice for independence and general Liberty concerns is the Houston area internet radio personality and political activist, the Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani. Recently, he agreed to speak with the Texian Partisan and we got to know a little about his family background, his history in politics and media, and the issues that drove him to embrace Texas independence as the only way to for Texas survive a Washington contemptuous of the limits imposed on it by the Constitution.

‘Yes, Texas independence is possible. In fact, the prospect of Texas independence is most probable. As I’ve personally traveled around Texas and the [Union], the question of when Texas is going to declare independence is the most often fielded query. Multitudes hunger for a new oasis of liberty. Americans and citizens of the globe are prayerfully looking to Texas to fulfill its obvious destiny. Electorally, legislatively, the path is laid out.’

With Lone Star roots that go back at least five …

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