Perennial Philosophy and the Objective Truth of Christianity

In February, the Golden One and Survive the Jive published a video in which they discuss topics including traditionalism, religion, and the recent Cheddar Man controversy, among others. One major topic they cover is the definition of ‘traditionalism’ and how it relates to religion. They say they prefer Germanic paganism over Christianity because paganism seems to provide a better system for preserving European peoples and traditions. In a similar vein, the Golden One emphasizes his respect for Islam because it empowers its adherents with a passion to preserve their people, culture, and traditions. Yet it seems that the Golden One and Survive the Jive are missing a crucial aspect of Christianity and religions in general. This is because their outlook on religion is being skewed by their attachment to traditionalism and perennial philosophy.

Survive the Jive says that ‘traditionalism’ stems from a philosophical position known as sophia perennis or perennial philosophy. Perennial philosophy is a school of thought that believes there is an ultimate divine source of all wisdom and being. A major proponent of perennial philosophy, Huston Smith, explains that perennial philosophy entails a belief that reality involves four different hierarchical tiers that form parts of the whole: God …

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