RPT Chair Contender Cindy Asche: a Solution in Search of Problem

Last summer, the grass-roots of the Texas Republican Party achieved what amounted to a political coup by voting for James Dickey to be the new RPT Chairmant. Tom Mechler, Dickey’s predecessor, was largely seen as representing the establishment/Straus wing of the RPT, those interested in holding power, but less interested in implementing the party’s stated goals. Dickey’s election represented a “renewed focus on the party platform, engaging grassroots organizations, and holding elected officials accountable for failing to live out the party’s principles, and those positive steps helped to excite and energize the party’s base.” However, Dickey is facing re-election at the June RPT convention in San Antonio, and a challenger has emerged, vying for his position: Cindy Asche.

Cindy Asche is a nurse from Frisco, Texas. To listen to her, you have to admit that she hits all the necessary beats that a conservative candidate should. However, Asche seems to be representing the old establishment, who hope to once again control the RPT after losing their hold on both the RPT Chair and the Speaker of the Texas House. Asche has even been officially endorsed by Tom Mechler, so as to make it clear where she stands between the grass-roots …

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