Signs Of Our Culture Of Death

One of the telltale signs of a culture of death is its devaluing of children.

Here in 2018 America we’re well down that road, happily shifting into higher gears as we rocket along with over 60,000,000 of our own babies’ bodies in the rearview mirror, having been murdered for convenience in the name of American-style “freedom” and “liberty”. The children that we do allow to live are then sold into debt bondage to prop up our All-American Welfare/Warfare State, with most of them shipped off to the same State for an “education” built on the serpent’s pitch in Genesis 3 so that the whole nightmare can be perpetuated generation after generation.

So yeah, we’re in a pretty bad place.

But hey, the food and entertainment is awesome!

We may not have a future – or care to do the things required to secure one – but we sure are gonna have a great time now.

That’s the bottom line conveyed in a recent article posted by Business Insider, where America’s plunge ever deeper into a chic, hip approach to death culture was chronicled as follows:

“It seems like every restaurant has a gimmick these days, whether it’s an …

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