TAC Joins Coalition in Support of New Jersey Bills to Take on Asset Forfeiture

TRENTON, N.J. (May 1, 2018) – The Tenth Amendment Center has joined a coalition of seven organizations supporting passage of New Jersey bills that would impose strict reporting requirements for all asset forfeitures in the state. This legislation would take a first step that could lead to substantive reforms. 

Senate Bill 1963 (S1963) and its companion, Assembly Bill 3443 (A3442), would require law enforcement agencies to report extensive details about asset forfeitures in the state including the type and value of property seized and whether someone was charged with a crime when property was forfeited. It would also require agencies to report all cases adopted by the federal government. The law would require that information to be compiled on a publicly available website.

The coalition letter paints a bleak picture of the current asset forfeiture laws in New Jersey.

“Under civil forfeiture, law enforcement agencies can seize and then take title to cash, cars, and other valuables without charging anyone with—let alone convicting them of—a crime. Compounding these problems, New Jersey law does not require any forfeiture reporting. Instead, the Office of the Attorney General governs the reporting process through rulemaking and requires only the

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