Texas Voter ID Law Upheld… For Now

Friday the 27th, in a bit of good news for those wanting to protect the integrity of Texas elections, a federal appellate court ruled that Texas’ voter ID law was not discriminatory towards Hispanic and black Texans, as its challengers alleged.

This two to one decision by the Fifth Circuit overturns a prior verdict striking down 2013’s Texas Senate Bill 14, which made a requirement of Texas voters to show one of a number of current photo IDs (driver’s license, military ID, citizenship certificate, U.S. passport) before casting a ballot. Later, Senate Bill 5 created “MOBILE LOCATIONS FOR OBTAINING IDENTIFICATION,” and offered alternative identification options, provided that the voter included a bank statement or utility bill, and that “they signed an affidavit stating why they could not obtain an approved ID.”

The large issue that critics of the law argued was that it created “criminal penalties for those who make false statements in their sworn affidavits,” which they argued would scare and confuse some voters. However, the three-judge panel obviously thought that was a bit of a reach, saying that the contention was “’wholly speculative,’” and so sided with the state of Texas.

The issue of protecting …

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