The Alt Right and Religious Truth

Among the sixteen principles that Vox Day helpfully outlines as constituting the Alt Right, “harmony with . . . reality” is included. This is most certainly true: to its praise, the Alt Right is deeply committed to evidence-based realism in the areas of race, gender, economics, history, and so forth. Rare are flights of inhuman speculation in which leftists are wont to indulge; frequent are cold analyses of statistics aimed at truly maximizing our people’s flourishing.

Strangely, however, this commitment to evidence-based realism is not infrequently paired with a far more utilitarian view on religious doctrine and practice: that while we of course don’t believe in invisible beings, nevertheless we can appreciate the “cultural tradition of Christianity,” and see value in sending off our wife and kids to church to become part of a wholesome community and develop strong morals.

It’s not difficult to perceive a contradiction here. If we are to be committed to evidence-based realism in our worldview, this must be applied towards religious truth. If we seek to banish pretty lies and empty posturing from a “conversation about race,” we should do the same for religion.

This same problem also exists for those who affirm the …

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