The Gloom and Doom Generation

WEST ORANGE, N.J.—When I was a young man, and the editor, or the producer, or the executive, would tell me that he was about to censor me, the reason was always, “Your material offends the older people.”

Now that I’m one of the older people, when the editor, or the producer, or the executive, tells me he’s about to censor me, the reason is always, “Your material offends the younger people.”

Was I born into a time warp? Are we baby boomers the only people in the history of the world with an actual sense of humor?

There was always hate mail. In the eighties it came from the Baptists, or the Catholics, or the Citizens for Decency, or the National Organization for Women, or the Log Cabin Democrats, or just about anyone who insisted on taking a joke personally instead of writing it off as commentary on the Ship of Fools we all sail through life on.

And then people started asking me questions about “satire,” usually followed by the question, “How do you know where to draw the line?”

So I learned about this line thing. I was never quite sure what they meant, but …

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