To the Governor: Colorado Passes Bill to Expand Current Asset Forfeiture Reforms

DENVER, Colo. (May 7, 2018) – Last Friday, the Colorado Senate passed a bill that would expand asset forfeiture reporting requirements instituted last year. 

Rep. Leslie Herod (D-Denver) introduced House Bill 1020 (HB1020) on Jan. 10. The legislation would expand asset forfeiture reporting requirements be redefining the agencies required to submit reports.

Last year, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill into law that instituted extensive reporting requirements for any agency seizing property under the state’s asset forfeiture laws. It also took a big step toward closing a loophole allowing prosecutors to bypass more stringent state asset forfeiture laws by passing cases off to the federal government. This was particularly important in light of a policy directive issued by Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Current Colorado law requires “seizing agencies” to submit extensive forfeiture reports. Under HB1020, any “reporting agency” defined as “any state or local entity that employs a person, other than a judge or magistrate, who is authorized to effectuate a forfeiture of real or personal property” will now have to submit reports. The proposed law also specifically includes the office of a district attorney and local …

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