We’re not saved by our theology. We’re saved in spite of our theology.

We’re not saved by our theology. We’re saved in spite of our theology.

And when we are saved – really, truly, and quite supernaturally saved by the grace of God alone and totally in spite of ourselves – we are saved by Him unto the ever-deepening pursuit and application of sound theology in each and every area of life.

That’s how His Gospel-fueled Great Commission works (see: Matthew 28:18-20).

That’s how the mustard seed grows.

That’s how lives, families, businesses, communities, and cultures are changed.

That’s how economics, education, law, art and civil government are redeemed.

So have a little grace towards new believers coming out of very warped and dark places.

Have a little grace towards people who don’t get some of the things that, by God’s grace, you have come to understand and begin to apply rightly.

Have a little grace with people of different cultures, and contexts.

Are there times when a firm, corrective hand is in order? Are there times when even sarcastic mockery is not only permissible, but necessary and good?

Yes and yes.

Even so, let’s never lose sight of the fact that in our lives those more abrasively corrective and confrontational moments should …

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