When do we call an idiot factory an idiot factory? Would a 2/3 nationwide illiteracy rate do the trick?

What if the vast majority of an entire wave of public school product couldn’t even read or understand mathematics proficiently?

What if two thirds (that’s two outta three students for those of you who struggle with fractions) of public school product was that intellectually hobbled and incompetent after years and years of State-run “education”?

Would that wake people up?

Would that get parents to be, um, actual parents and rescue their children from the State-run “education” system?

Would that get pastors (supposedly also known as “shepherds”) to do their job and start preaching the Word of God in detail on the subject of children’s education?


And we all know it.

You could have a 90% intellectual incompetence rate in an entire wave of American public school product and parents would mostly shrug, express some token “outrage”, and keep right on sending their children to the beast for education in things like gay rights and transgenderism, but not so much in math, history, logic and economics…all with pastoral approval, of course.


Because these parents and pastors have been discipled by the State to do so, that’s why.

Thus the march into increasing cultural darkness goes on, with one generation …

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