Who Killed Robert Kennedy?

WASHINGTON — I have never believed in conspiracy theories. Though some critics have lumped me in with conspiracy theorists excogitating on Clinton aide Vince Foster’s death in Fort Marcy Park and other such phantasmagorias, I plead innocence. It is just too difficult to keep a conspiracy under wraps, particularly in Washington and New York, where garrulity is the rule. A conspirator sitting on a big story is likely to tell someone for money or for prestige or for the sheer fun of it. If I recall correctly, even Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein eventually told their secret about Deep Throat, and that was a rather simple secret. Imagine the pressure on survivors in the know to spill the beans on the plot to kill President John F. Kennedy or the real identity of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassin or, come to think of it, Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russians or Stormy Daniels or Martians. Breaking silence on these matters could assure the leaker fame unto eternity, or at least a fat book contract.

No, I do not believe secrets about sensational events can be kept for very long. However, in light of the discovery of new evidence or …

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