Who needs Boy Scouts when there are no boys?

Who needs Boy Scouts when there are no boys?

To be more precise, when there is no objective, biologically defined construct known as “a boy”, and when even one’s sex is regarded as subject only to the subjective, feelings-based whims of any given moment, then what place could there be for an organization like the Boy Scouts?

That question has been asked and answered by the organization in question, with its leadership subsequently deciding to drop “Boy” and just be known as “Scouts” so that it can more aggressively and coherently(?) pursue girls as members.

While, like the many actual women who are shrieking in horror while being mercilessly trampled underfoot by pretend women spearheading the trans movement, groups like the Girl Scouts are trying, from their own laughably compromised foundation, to protest the Boy Scouts’ move, for obvious and quite pragmatic reasons.

One wonders if the Girl Scouts wish they’d just dropped “Girl” from their name before the Boy Scouts dropped “Boy” from theirs, but hindsight is 20/20.

As for this latest chapter of America’s Romans 1 style plunge into suicidal stupidity, AP covered it this way:

“For 108 years, the Boy Scouts of America’s flagship program has been …

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