Yes, They ARE Coming For Your Guns

The debate over the merits of gun-control (or lack, thereof) has been spread over the decades in the USA. The pattern is familiar: a politically exploitable tragedy occurs involving fire arms; those that want to preserve the right to bear arms are quick to remind the public how extremely rare these events are and how crime (and gun-crime, specifically) has for over 30 years been going steadily down; the proponents of more gun-control appeal to the public’s emotions over the tragedy, urging Washington law-makers to do something, advocating for the vague and ever-moving goal-post known as common-sense reform; and ultimately, the federal government adopts the next incremental restriction on our constitutional right. The advocates of gun-rights claim that the ultimate goal of each iteration of so-called common-sense gun reform is the elimination of the second amendment and the confiscation of privately owned firearms. The response of the advocates of gun-control within the Democratic Party has primarily been to say, “That’s nonsense,” or something to that effect. However, now it seems Democrats are preparing to drop this pretense and adopt an approach more honest and more in keeping with their long-suspected real agenda: “We’re going to confiscate SOME of …

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