Abbott Tasks Straus and Democrats with Gun-Control Measure

Last week, Texian Partisan reported on Governor Abbott’s school safety proposal, one that failed to address the role federal agencies play in the perpetuation of gun violence while also raising concerns for the gun and due-process rights of Texans. Since then, there have been more disturbing developments, bringing into question the governor’s judgement and what he hopes to accomplish with his proposal.

According to Empower Texans, within hours of Abbott’s press conference, the governor gave the task of getting the ball rolling on this very sensitive subject to the most RINO-y Republican in the Texas House… Joe Straus. While he still is Speaker of the House (for a few more months), the Governor has in past gone around the Speaker when he proved to be unreliable. And since Straus seems to effectively come from the left side of the aisle, why conservative Gregg Abbott would entrust such a delicate issue to Straus is bewildering.

Straus wasted no time, however. And instead of forming a GOP led group on school-safety, he took Abbott’s charge to find a way of inserting into the penal laws his “red flag” initiative (that allows for “law enforcement, a family member, a school employee, or …

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