Bruised and Smoking: A Response to Robert P. Jones’s ‘The End of White Christian America’

Let me say from the outset that this is not a book review. Because I haven’t read Robert P. Jones’s The End of White Christian America. But I have listened to several of his academic and media presentations on the material. So even if not a review of the book, it is a review of its thesis.

Despite his offering a work of demography documenting our eclipse, Jones describes his as a distinctly priestly role: as he tells it, he envisions himself the minister conducting funerary rites over White Christian America (WCA). And he describes this role as one requiring a certain sympathy for all gathered to the wake — those in mourning as well as those come to gloat over the now still form of WCA.

Per that analogy, though, the bereaved are necessarily outnumbered by celebrants — a fact belied by the tenor of every showing Jones makes. Every venue along his book tour viewable on YouTube is populated almost entirely by gloating revelers. For my money, his St. Petersburg College talk hosted by the Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions is especially demonstrative of this schadenfreude as we witness the ministerial corps assembled only to hex the

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