Busybody — Meddling — yankee Carpetbaggers!

My wife and I recently made a trip to Gainesville. I dropped her off at TJ Maxx and  proceeded to one of the local gun stores. On returning to pick her up, I parked my vehicle and went into the store.

When we returned to the vehicle, we had a lovely “love note” under the wiper of our 1997 Rodeo.
I understand that there are positives and negatives to putting pro-Southern stickers on your vehicle, but I long ago determined that I would do so to reach and encourage others, if for no other reason. I suppose I’m fortunate that we were in a crowded parking lot, as there is no telling what this Social Justice Warrior might have done otherwise.
Anyway here’s how that vehicle looks (front, side & rear):

You may have noticed that my admirer could not even properly spell loser, which leads me to suspect that he was one of the brilliant students from the nearby University of Florida.
Now I’ve never felt compelled to leave notes to folks who sport Hillary stickers or Coexist stickers or Bernie stickers, etc., though I have never been a carpetbagging yankee, so I that might explain my

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