California: 3-State Solution or Independence?

In the midst of the struggle between California and the federal government, as well as the struggle between California and itself, a possible solution has emerged: Split California into three separate U.S. states. While California has over the years toyed with various movements involving secession and independence, this current three-state solution has an advantage over past attempts, in that it has passed the threshold of registered-voter signatures to make it onto November’s ballot.

Under this proposal, assuming the ballot measure passes, assuming the legislature approves, assuming the United States congress allows three new would-be states to separate and accede to the Union, etc., California will be divided into the states of California, Northern California, and Southern California. According to an MSN article, the three will be largely equivalent in population, though the land and resource distribution will not be. However, the largely discredited SCOTUS case of Texas v. White may cause some trouble, as it argued that the Union and the states in the Union were indestructible. Although Article IV, Section 3 of the Constitution  argues otherwise (under certain conditions), for those that worship at the SCOTUS alter, this may seem binding.

Although it has yet to meet its

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