Confederate plaque in Texas Capitol is insulting, inaccurate — and should be removed

THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN! If so-called “inaccuracy” is now the standard for removal, every monument on the capitol grounds will be at risk & in the crosshairs.

Like the Confederate Heroes Monument which proclaims: “Died for States’ Rights Guaranteed under the Constitution…”

SLRC has requested a copy of Strauss’ opinion letter/brief.
Please contact Speaker Joe Strauss and give him an educated piece of your mind AND support

PS I was planning to go the Texas Division reunion but have been working on our San Antonio lawsuit ALL week and I’m still at my desk at 6PM – filing a 2nd Amended Complaint soon. Go put flowers on a public Confederate monument . Please Share!

State Rep. Eric Johnson is right to object to a 1959 plaque in the Texas Capitol

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