DACA Recipient Charged With Human Smuggling

DONA ANA COUNTY, NM (News 4 SA) – A woman who is in the country thanks to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was arrested Monday morning after she attempted to take three immigrants to Albuquerque through the Interstate 25 checkpoint near Las Cruces, according to court records.

Irania Martinez-Martinez picked up the men at a McDonald’s in El Paso and then took them to her house so that they could shower, according to court documents.

The woman who, according to court documents, was aware the men were undocumented, did not know how much she would be paid for taking the men to Albuquerque but the men told her they would give her $200 for gas.

After the men showered, Martinez-Martinez told the men to get in the car and began the drive to Albuquerque.

Once at the checkpoint, the Border Patrol agent questioned Martinez-Martinez about her citizenship. She told the agent she was a U.S. citizen and handed her Texas ID card to the agent but didn’t give the agent a valid driver’s license, the document states.

Martinez-Martinez told the agent they were going to Albuquerque.

When the agent asked the men in the car about …

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