Does MAGA Trump Scripture? Mike Pence Seems To Think So . . .

When it comes to the contrived, controlled Left/Right paradigm promoted by the system under which we (temporarily) live here in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA, there are all kinds of fundamental questions that Christians are encouraged not to even notice, much less contemplate or answer. Questions like:

Is it better or worse when a Republican professing Christian rather than a more flagrantly non-Christian Democrat uses a great big Bible to swear in an open homosexual to help “make America great again”?

Is it more or less understandable for a Republican Christian to do such a thing compared to a more openly Leftist Democrat?

Which one should have the higher standard applied where the use of things like Bibles in swearing in ceremonies are concerned? The professing Christian Republican or the more obviously anti-Christ Democrat?

Then there’s this biggie: Is God actually God?

As in: God and Lord over the United States and everyone else in His creation?

Whatever the true answers to these questions, one thing is plain: Republican professing Christians at the highest positions of power are all about using the Bible as a trinket and prop to, among other things, swear in …

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