Donnie and Jong Un, BFFs

SupremeCommanderDude: Hey, you up? What time is it there? The sun already saluted me three times today.

AwesomeHillaryKiller: The Jongster! Just thinking about ya.

SupremeCommanderDude: Oh yeah? Don’t worry, all the nuke guys are being eaten by dogs 2day. JK LOL

AwesomeHillaryKiller: Naw, we’re cool. Thinking about pizza. Just dealing with Melania, AGAIN.

SupremeCommanderDude: And that reminded you of moi? I don’t have the legs, man. LOLOL.

AwesomeHillaryKiller: I had a question about Ri.

SupremeCommanderDude: Shoot, bro, she’s in the west wing reading “Let Us Defend the Revolutionary Spirit of Independence, Self-Reliance, and Self-Defense More Thoroughly in All Fields of State Activities” to the kids.

AwesomeHillaryKiller: Does she ever chime in on stuff?

SupremeCommanderDude: Only when we get close to the Chanel shop. LOL.

AwesomeHillaryKiller: Oh man, BEEN THERE.

“Befriending Afro-Americans helps the whole overall narrative of this thing.”

SupremeCommanderDude: You mean like actual opinions? I remember one night we were at the Hamhung Grand to see “The Shrine for a Tutelary Deity” and she said one of the actors was too old to be the daimon in a spirit house.

AwesomeHillaryKiller: No, I don’t mean movie bullshit.

SupremeCommanderDude: Shut yo mouth. Live-ass drama!

AwesomeHillaryKiller: Oh yeah, …

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