Forgotten Munitions Get New Spotlight

“Dumped and Forgotten Below the Milam Street Bridge,” explores Houston’s role in the Civil War through munitions, artifacts and history.Photo courtesy of The Heritage Society

This story is more Cold Case Files than clickbait. Archaeologists really did find more than 1,000 Civil War era objects and munitions dumped into Buffalo Bayou under the Milam Street bridge.

The thing is, the objects were found in the 1960s and then seemingly disappeared.

“In the archaeology community they were scratching their heads,” says Ginger Berni, collections curator for The Heritage Society.

Berni describes that 1968 excavation as more “fly by the seat of your pants archaeology” and says that the Southwestern Historical Exploration Society did a quick analysis of the objects and gave them to the Houston Museum of Natural Science where they were stored until 1986 and then transferred to The Heritage Society.

Until Berni decided to do some digging into whatever that was in the closet.

“I wanted to know what these artifacts were. I thought they had a real story to tell,” says Berni. “I worked with the Texas Historical Commission and the Houston Archaeological Society.

“The [society] was very excited to see these artifacts; no one knew where they

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