George P. Bush Booed at RPT Convention

This year’s convention for the Republican Party of Texas has been a lively one, having its share of notable energetic moments, not the least of which was James Dickey’s re-election over the best efforts of challenger Cindy Asche. Over the course of the next week, Texian Partisan will be recounting some of the highlights from the RPT convention, but before the current week is out, we had to comment about the convention’s reception of General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush… It wasn’t a warm one.

At Friday’s general session, following remarks made by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Bush, in his first big appearance since winning his primary, addressed the RPT delegates. Despite defeating three other opponents to carry his party’s standard into the general election, P. remains a deeply unpopular and controversial figure within the GOP. The small-regard with which his party seems to hold for him was on full display tonight.

Though he was initially greeted with tepid applause, once he began his speech, the groans and jeers almost immediately crept into audibility. The words with which Bush addressed the assembled (a collection of perennial, red-meat, GOP applause-lines) normally would have been well-received… had they been delivered …

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