If Roseanne’s Not Good Enough

Even if you’re a millionaire Jewish woman who has earned her television network years of high ratings and awards, one allegedly “racist” tweet is enough to destroy your career. So learned Roseanne Barr, late of the revamped sitcom “Roseanne.” She and her co-star John Goodman milked the American everyman of hours of his life during their show’s run in the 1990s. This year, Roseanne carried out a fairly successful comeback. She kept her show in the same cultural vein as it had exploited in the 1990s — white, working class, irreligious folk — with a 2018 twist. In this relaunched show, her character was an earnest fan of President Donald Trump. It was not a far-fetched idea, since in real life Barr supported Trump during his candidacy and thus far in his presidency. The president had lately bragged about the popularity of Roseanne’s relaunched show, since he was a part of her success. Plus, he was a television star in his own right and knows a thing or two about the masses.

However, a tweetstorm by Barr which identified Obama insider Valerie Jarrett as the hybrid offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood and the movie The Planet of the Apes, garnered …

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