If You’re So Right, Why Write Under a Pseudonym?

Rarer than hen’s teeth is the Alienist who actually interacts with something a Kinist has said. The norm rather runs the gamut from what Rushdoony called the “pious gush” of humanist platitudes, to hateful oaths to do us every measure of harm in their power. Like so:

You are scum. The lowest of the low. Subhumans. Animals. Outright demons. I pray your car breaks down in the hood. Our Black brothers know how to deal with your kind. Let’s see you tell Black people to their faces that your precious White people just want to live. You wouldn’t dare! Because you’re a coward! And I hope your precious little pure White daughters are taken by Black men so your evil can pass from the earth.

Or thus:

I demand to know your real name, what church you attend, who your elders are, and where you work. They need to know what kind of devil you are. You also need to be investigated by the police. There’s no place for filth like you in society. But that’s why you use pseudonyms — because you’re cowards.

And just as often…

I can’t even. I’m literally shaking. Wow. Just wow.

Now, ain’t that

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