Is being anti-immigration un-American?

If you have been paying attention to the news the past two weeks, immigration has dominated the cycle. Trump is now a Nazi again and those who support anti-immigration measures are evil incarnate. More importantly, they are un-American and racist.

You would think that Americans since time immemorial have welcomed every group with open arms who arrived on the shores of North America, that somehow Trump and his supporters invented anti-immigration in the last decade, and that no American of worth has ever supported an anti-immigration position.

I guess if you count George Washington, John Adams, and Patrick Henry as real American losers, then you would be correct. Or how about Grover Cleveland?

All of these American historical lightweights wanted to restrict immigration or at least thought it wasn’t a bad idea to do so.

We know there were Americans who supported the opposite position, particularly in the founding period, Thomas Jefferson foremost among them.

Now, as then, immigration comes down to one thing: power.

The Federalists feared the impact of French and Irish immigrants on elections so they sought to restrict immigration. For those that insist this was “racism,” last time I checked most of these people were white …

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