It’s Always the Leftists That Promote Wars–Civil or Otherwise

It’s Always the Leftists That Promote Wars–Civil or Otherwise. That seems to be what most of the current internet conversation is saying nowadays. In spite of all their blather about “peace and love” the Leftists are really nothing but cultural Marxist war mongers.

They seek to promote candidates and ideas that will absolutely devastate this country and then they threaten “civil war” if the rest of us refuse to go along with their damnfoolishness.

So now we have this “individual” Maxine Waters out there trying to encourage people to “push back” against all Trump supporters or those that hold office in  his administration. Have any of you all ever listened to one of Ms. Waters’ rants? To say that she sounds a bit unhinged would be charitable. You have to wonder who wound her up and stuck her in the middle of the action. She is obviously a pawn  in someone’s game.

The question maybe we should all be asking is—who’s best interest in served  if the rabid Left winds up instigating a civil war? Someone’s interests are being served if the Loony Left manages to do this. Is it the Deep State, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral

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