Let’s be Clear

Apparently, we’ve been unclear about where we Deplorable voters stand on this issue, so let me clarify it for you members of the Congressional Nitwit Caucus.

No freaking amnesty.

No Amnesty.


No “comprehensive reforms.”

No compromises.

No amnesty.

But the aspiring valedictorians of DACA…

No! Deport them!

But the children!

No! Deport them!

But Jesus says…

No! Deport them! And stop trying to Jesusplain immigration at us!

But our rich RINO donors want a never-ending stream of cheap labor that is terrified to speak up and is therefore pliable, unlike you uppity citizens who they would actually have to pay a decent wage…

No! Deport them!


Source: The NC Renegade

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