Mexican Cartel Trafficker Caught With 22 Pounds Of Meth In North Carolina

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) – Police say they have made the largest single heroin bust in Greenville’s history with some 22 pounds seized.

Greenville police arrested Ury Espinoza Bucio on Tuesday morning during a traffic stop on Highway 264 and Old Stantonsburg Road. Police say they found about eleven pounds of heroin hidden in a car battery.

An investigation led police, the Greenville Regional Drug Task Force, and the Drug Enforcement Administration-Raleigh Resident Office to search his home in Raleigh, where eleven more pounds of heroin was found in another car battery.

Police estimate the heroin is worth between $5-million and $7-million.

“This is an enormous quantity of narcotics,” said Chief Mark Holtzman. “The largest I have ever seen in an actual car stop being done, and certainly one of the largest in this area. No doubt we saved some lives with this one.”

According to arrest warrants, Bucio conspired with someone in Mexico to traffic the drugs.

During a court appearance, Bucio couldn’t speak English so the judge communicated with the man in Spanish. His bond was kept at $9 million, was given a court-appointed attorney and his next court date is July 11th.

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