No One Should Be Forced to Associate With or Do Business With Anyone Else

Recently there was a uproar when a restaurant, owned by a carpetbagger, in Lexington, Virginia, refused to serve one of President Trump’s minions. Many advanced the idea that if Christian bakers or florists were obligated to serve gays (sodomites), then socialist restaurateurs should be forced to serve neo-Conservative bureaucrats.

The simple truth is this – no one should ever be forced to associate with or do business with anyone else – not ever. This is the only stance consistent with the natural rights of personal liberty, free association, and property rights.

Government imposed segregation, by whatever criteria is wrong. Government imposed integration, by whatever criteria is wrong. Government should not be imposing on personal and business rights and property rights. To the extent that it does so, it becomes tyrannical and illegitimate.

I clearly remember signs like the one during my teen years.

That, my friends, is what liberty looks like.

If a business owner wants to refuse service to Muslims, or Christians, or Liberals, or Conservatives, or Libertarians, or Blacks, or Whites, or what have you, it is his right to do so.

If a business owner wishes to allow or disallow smoking, or open carry of firearms, etc.,

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