Old America-First Socialists & Young Public School Trained Socialists: The Two Front Economic War Being Waged On Biblically Minded Young People

What does a $21,000,000,000,000 debt + a bunch of “conservatives” championing a brand new American government Space Force add up to?

Even more debt bondage for the young, as if there wasn’t enough already.

Think about it.


Think…don’t feel…about it.


Think about what we are doing to young people and future generations of Americans with the insanity of American Big Government Socialism.

Imagine a child being born today into a God-fearing, Bible-believing family living in the United States. While that child might have much to be thankful for in the relative freedom that still lingers here in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA, there can be no doubt that, particularly on the economic front, they will face profound opposition and abuse from two large groups living within the same general population:

1. Young people who have been trained by the State to be Socialists through public schools, and…

2. Old “America first” self-described conservatives who are actually stark-raving Socialists in practice.

The latter group is so thoroughly corrupted and clueless that it has spent its collective lifetime promoting (and it still promotes) the overtly Marxist tool of public schools, which has, by …

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