Pope Forgets the Lake of Fire

NEW YORK—Pope Francis was chatting with a flamboyant Italian journalist named Eugenio Scalfari several months ago, and in the course of chewing over the eternal verities, presumably while sipping some appropriate Tuscan wine, the Pope said something that Eugenio heard as denying the physical existence of hell.

Two things here. First of all, I think it’s wonderful that the Pope fraternizes with celebrity reporters—it shows he’s not only relevant but fearless—and in fact I would suggest that the Vatican press office introduce His Holiness to Instagram, just for the numerous photo ops where he’s sprawled on a couch taking selfies that can later be sold to People magazine.

But the second thing is more weighty. I know we all follow the theological debates within Catholicism about which saint got in touch with which angel to channel which biblical dead person—don’t they have a show on CNN that goes over each week’s highlights?—but one thing you never do, in Catholicism, Protestantism, or Pentecostal Snake-Handlingism, for that matter, is say there’s no hell.

Because that would be Jewish. The Jews have never cared that much about hell. They grudgingly admit that it’s probably there, but …

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