Silent Sam protester faces honor court charge at UNC

So what happens when she gets a mere slap on the wrist & returned to her “doctoral” studies?

At some point when you are swarmed by wasps, you have to make the decision to attack the nest.

It is time to humble, limit, diminish the ivory tower taxpayer supported cash-cows that supports & coddles and encourages the current generation of ignorant anti-Confederate Social Justice Warrior snowflakes.

This will have the added boon of limiting snowflake “activism” to when they are not working to pay the rent.

Any normal American or conservative group in and outside the Confederate Community should be willing to join with us on this mission, which is quite simply to lobby state legislatures to slash funding for liberal arts/gender/diversity studies at state supported colleges & universities. Hit em where it hurts! If this could catch on it could be a devastatingly effective weapon for positive change. So call your state rep & senator today and support Please share

Silent Sam protester charged with honor court violation at UNC-Chapel Hill for throwing ink and blood on the Confederate statue.

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