Support the troops? How about we just bring them home?

It seems that however wrong, immoral, and just plain wrong-headed Amerikan governmental policy may be, most folks still advocate that we should “support the troops.”

Personally, I fail to see the difference between the attitude depicted in the cartoon above and that exhibited in a recent meme posted by one of my Facebook “friends.”
I do not support the US military. I do not support the empire that sends them on their immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional excursions.
I do not hate them. I do not wish them ill. I recognize that the bulk of them are deceived and deluded pawns of the Amerikan Empire – But I certainly do not view them as “heroes” of any sort.
I personally served the evil empire for eight years as an infantry and intelligence officer of US Marines. I was college educated, at government expense, but I was ignorant and unthinking. I was willing to go wherever I was told to go and do whatever I was told to do, without really giving any consideration to the underlying reasons.
I was simply an order follower.
I am thankful that the Lord spared me from personally committing some of the worse of

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