The 2018 That Could Have Been

This is the America that we could have had by now, had the man we elected in 2016 done his job with the same kind of intestinal fortitude that another Yankee, Abraham Lincoln, demonstrated when he became the chief executive of a divided union.


So on November 8th we voted for Donald Trump, and that night we danced when he beat the Hildebeast.

And then, kids, having put control of the executive branch in the hands of a man who told us he would Make America Great Again, we turned our attention to those things that he couldn’t fix for us.

We grew in our faith. We went to work and studied hard in school. We righted our financial ships as best we could. We got healthier and stronger, so we could help Make America Great Again.

We kept the new president in our prayers. We chipped in a few dollars when we could. We contacted our congressmen. We berated federal officials when they didn’t get on board with the program.

We watched in awe as the wall went up in record time. By the first Christmas of President Trump’s administration, every inch of the U.S.-Mexico border was lined …

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