The Beyoncé Mass Takes a Bold Stand Against Racism and Patriarchy

What do liberal mainline Christians have in common with ostensibly conservative, Bible-believing, “Gospel-focused” Christians? On the surface the answer is not much. Liberal mainliners consistently support the secular leftist agenda on everything ranging from sex to social justice. The conservative Christian establishment at least gives lip service against leftist positions on issues such as abortion and sodomarriage. Most people assume that conservative Christianity could not be more different from liberal mainline iterations of “Christianity.” There is one area in which the entire Christian establishment seems to be in agreement. Virtually all Christians, whether they belong to liberal or conservative denominations, condemn racism as vile, wicked, and disgusting.

You may have heard that Grace Episcopal Cathedral in San Francisco, California recently showcased a “Beyoncé Mass” featuring the music of pop singer Beyoncé Knowles. Grace Cathedral has become a white-washed sepulcher; a beautiful gothic church with the external trappings of Christian orthodoxy and tradition while the worship and beliefs of those who attend reflect spiritual death. The modern Episcopal Church is a monument to apostasy as this moribund mainline denomination champions every conceivable liberal social cause. The Episcopal Church advocates for radical egalitarianism that includes toleration and even celebration of …

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