The Federal Threat to Religious Liberty: What’s Abbott Prepared To Do?

Today, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott spoke to the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas. His message to the assembled: The United States is in a crisis with some trying to “’silence the faithful and remove God from the public square.”

The AP story that reported on this doesn’t go into specifics. It just sort of leaves that comment hanging out there, bereft of context. Whatever clues left to whom the governor might have been referring to or examples cited to illustrate his point, they were cut to make room for notes on the personal beliefs and purported sexual scandals of the Southern Baptist Church and (lest we overlook them) the few protestors that showed up to add their own commentary to the proceedings. However, the governor has been clear about this topic in the past, such as when he signed into law the Texas Pastor Protection Act (SB 2065) that offered legal protections for clergy and the staff of religious organizations from being forced to perform ceremonies that “’violate a sincerely held religious belief.’” Certainly, the crisis Abbott likely was referring to comes from government, primarily the federal government, and the activists that would use federal power as a cudgel to …

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