The Increasing Gayness Of The [Social] Gospel Coalition

Of all the flagrantly anti-Christ concepts pitched by “The Gospel Coalition” these days, one of most heinous is that of “gay Christian” as a legitimate category or condition that should be embraced by both the church and the individual afflicted with what Scripture clearly defines as an inherently dishonorable desire.

While there are many approaches being undertaken by various anti-Christian groups to promote the legitimacy of homosexual attraction and lifestyles within the church, The Gospel Coalition’s preferred strategy for promoting “gay Christianity” centers, for the moment, on celibacy. In classic whitewashed tomb form, the basic idea is this: As long as you don’t act out on your gay desires, being gay isn’t really much of a problem. Having same-sex attraction isn’t necessarily inherently evil in and of itself.

So says The [Social] Gospel Coalition.

The actual Gospel as presented in the Word of God says something quite different.

(For more detail and some insightful analysis of The [Social] Gospel Coalition’s destructive approach to this culture-sweeping issue, check out The Grace Of Shame: Gospel Coalition And Pedophilia by Tim Bayly.)

Consider the following from Romans 1:18-27 (with bold emphasis added):

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against

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