The Kids Are All Blight: Let’s Meet Some of the Up-and-Coming Faces of Alienism

The recently deceased Tom Wolfe once said of his disparaging leftist critics Norman Mailer and John Updike: “the lead dog is the one they always try to bite in the [butt].” Guttersnipes beget malicious envies, and as kinism demands and receives a higher and higher profile, it is only natural to expect entirely new legions of angry titmice to descend on us, nipping ineffectually at our ankles. Marxist Calvinism is not all about McDurmon and Marinov, though both hold undue influence over the entirety of the new crop of tares sprouting forth in the church. Here is a list of names to take note of. And don’t worry: if you give any one of these an Indian burn, they’ll cry.

John Andrew Reasnor

Public Enemy #1 among our class of rookies, if for no other reason than the incredible amount of spite he harbors in trying to be the big hipster fish in a rapidly evaporating pond. Just what the world was clamoring for: another obese, scraggly-bearded, flannel-clad, cloth-capped Calvinist hipster obsessed with pop culture and determined to shoehorn the tenets of Hayek into the Reformation, that all us fuzzy-brained reactionaries might finally ‘get it’. Way to shoot for the …

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