The Russian Government Discourages Interracial Sex During the World Cup

A senior member of Russia’s parliament, and head of the committee for family and children, warned Russian women on the eve of the World Cup, not to sleep with foreign tourists.

Tamara Pletneva said in a radio interview yesterday that Russian women who fornicate with foreigners during the World Cup risk becoming single mothers to mixed-race children:

We should be giving birth to our own children. . . . It’s the children who suffer . . . and have suffered since the Soviet era. It’s lucky if they’re the same race (as the mother) but if they’re of another race, it’s worse.

It is encouraging to see Russian officials beginning to publicly speak about racial issues with common sense and against the prevailing cultural Marxist sentiments that have become almost untouchable in the public domain in most Western (especially Western European) countries.

Speaking of Western European countries, I won’t be rooting for my motherland, Germany, during the competition, and I would discourage all Christian nationalists from supporting the teams from England and France. Why root for multiracial teams advocating their government’s anti-Christian agenda, when you can root for Christian national (i.e. völkisch) teams like Poland, whose captain, Bundesliga superstar …

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