United State’s Dangerous Mixed Signals on Illegal Immigration

In another apparent case of human-trafficking along the Texas/Mexico border, Fox News is reporting on a truck full of illegal immigrants that was last night discovered near the airport in San Antonio.

San Antonio authorities responded to a report of a parked truck on the North-side, only to discover that 55 illegal immigrants were inside. All of the group were alive and in fairly good health due to having access to water and air-conditioning. The same, unfortunately, could not be said of another San Antonio incident in July of 2017, when 39 immigrants were discovered in a “semitrailer in the parking lot of a San Antonio Walmart.” On that occasion, ten people died.

In the politics of immigration, often the human toll of illegal entry, and the role the federal government plays in encouraging it, is not considered. Because Washington and some states make immigrants think that they will be allowed to stay if they can just get here, they take great risks, even paying for the often-hazardous services of smugglers, in order to do so. From Obama’s illegal amnesty, to federal tolerance for sanctuary cities, to judges and politicians not enforcing immigration laws, to the generous assistance offered to …

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