Washington to Grab-up Texas Land in the Rio Grande Valley

The federal government is prepping to seize private Texas land in the Rio Grande Valley for the construction of new border protections, according to some reports. While many Texans support the construction of such a barrier, this move may be at best premature.

One of the least appealing traits of President Trump is his enthusiasm for eminent domain, the process by which the government appropriates private land for public use. Most Texas citizens understand that this process, while odious when you stand to lose your own property, makes sense when properly applied and accompanied by just compensation… at least in theory. However, as with most things involving government, it’s never content with the power granted to it, ever scheming to take more. And what was once a minor imposition on the property rights of law-abiding citizens has become a tyrannical bludgeon in the hands of Washington.

In 2005’s Kelo v. City of New London, in one of the worst miscarriages of justice, the Supreme Court even extended this definition to allow government seizures with intent to transfer it to private business. This effectively made government free to take your property if they thought another owner would give them …

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