Whose Heritage? Monuments Slow to Come Down

report released this week by the Southern Poverty Law Center finds that 110 monuments and other symbols of the Confederacy publicly displayed in the United States have been removed since the summer of 2015, when a white supremacist who venerated those symbols killed nine black parishioners at a Charleston church.

But more than 1,700 of the symbols still stand, protected in many places by recently passed laws preventing their removal.

The law center’s data set shows that authorities in some states have been more aggressive than others about removing symbols of the Confederacy. In Maryland, for instance, six out of the state’s eight total Confederate symbols — most notably a handful of statues taken down last year in Baltimore — have been removed. All that remains of the Confederacy in Maryland’s public square is a statue on the state’s Eastern Shore and a cul-de-sac in Potomac that was named after a Confederate general.

States in the heart of the old Confederacy have been more reluctant to remove their public symbols. Last year in Alabama, a school with 98 percent black enrollment and named after Confederate president Jefferson Davis renamed itself for President Barack Obama. But the state’s 121 …

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